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With the initial release of Right Track in 1992, installed clients need continuous maintenance of data files and indexes, especially as files grow beyond the original file size limits.
Technical Maintenance
As the world changes, so do the requirements of keeping up with the latest systems which may be integrated into Right Track. We offer replacement electronic upload routines for the latest licensing file uploads including the outside licensing agents such as HFA, CMRRA and MCPS.
Keeping Right Track Up to Date
For any new sub-publishers or labels who issue electronic royalty statement data files, we offer new royalty uploads and a streamlined royalty upload engine. Our latest upload routines are graphical using the current Dataflex for Windows applications.
New Royalty Uploads
Our personnel are experienced in the proper use of Right Track to guide you through existing processes and to train new users on the Right Track system. Training can be scheduled on-site or via the internet.
Support & Training
We can create new reports to help Right Track clients get further use of the valuable information stored in the database. All new reports output in a Windows compatible format so you can avoid printing and e-mail issues in older Dataflex character-based formatted report layouts.
We understand cost is a factor in buying a new system when you current legacy application seems to be working. One of the services we provide is support to the Right Track Solutions DOS Application

Mark Alspaugh was the senior level programmer who supported the royalty application at Right Track Solutions and more recently at PLX. He has strengthened his experienced team with key industry professionals who also worked closely to provide support services and technical knowledge to the Right Track software.
Mark and his team are well positioned to provide dedicated support and maintenance for the installed client base of the legacy Right Track music publishing application. They can offer each client a valuable collection of services including:
programming, report creation,
troubleshooting and experienced
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