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Catalog Management - Some of the features include:


·        Tracks writers & publishers.


·         Tracks writer obligations and contracts.


·        Tracks songs, copyright details and payout information.


·         Our Song and Master screens have the ability to link, store and play music files. 


·         Links DOCUMENTS to a Song and Master screens.


License Management – Effective license management is essential for any publishing company. 


·        It allows you to see easily all licenses using the License Administration screen


·        What’s due - Know who owes you money at your fingertips.


·         What’s missing – SR has several things that must be satisfied before a license can be closed.  These include, license issued, license returned, license paid, and performance royalties received.   License automatically populates from the royalty as well as tracking performance royalties.  Tracking performance royalties is integral and no other system does it.  Unpaid performance royalties on a synch or a mechanical license can alert you to PRO registration issues.


·        Connects with your email for fast and easy follow-up.


·         Print Licenses to PDF using your License Templates.


·         Links DOCUMENTS to a license.  If you have a fully executed License agreement scan and stored as a PDF you are able to link these and other documents to the License screen in SR.


Royalty Management Royalty management is a breeze in SR. Many wonderful features exist such as:


·        Cash Receipt tracking to allow comparison to your accounting system.


·         Detailed royalty statement input allowing income detail and license information to appear on outgoing royalty stmts.


·        Ties into the license module to effectively track license obligations.


·         Pays out royalties to writers, publishers, etc.


·         Allows for exception processing based on license, song or licensee.


·         Tracks recoupments of any type; expense, adjustment, or advance.


·         Royalty uploads for many different licensees such as ASCAP, BMI, Harry Fox, Music Reports, Napster, Counterpoint, Various sub-publishers, etal.   


·        Micro-Pennies issues resolved


·         No rounding issues.


Features we are excited about


·         Web Portal – Our application gives you the flexibility of a desktop application and the accessibility of a Cloud (Web Based) application.


·        Song catalog Exports for your sub-publishers


·         CWR – Commons Works Registration will put registering with multiple domestic/foreign societies at your fingertips.


·        Eliminates manual entry of income statements by importing the Statements you receive from your Sub-Publishers and Societies. It saves time and cuts down on entry errors.


·         Settlement/Audit Check Disbursement Process. We have created a process that will take the amount of a settlement/Audit check and disburse it and create an Income statement for processing.


·         Generate royalty statements and email or distributing your statements online


·         Licensing Administration screen helps you generate revenue by keeping you update on what’s due and what’s missing.  All you’re licensing data at your fingertips.


·        Top earner reports  


·         Song Import for new catalogs made easy.  


·        Pitching tools


·         Expense Invoicing


·        Master Categories – With categories like Genre, Instrumentation, Mood, Sounds Like, Tempo, Topic and Vocal Type you are able to define you Master and better serve your clients.


·         Link Documents and other files to Songs, Masters, Licenses and more.  No more having to dig through a file cabinet for the License Agreement.  You can link it, view it, print it and even email it.  You can even scan the documents right from Simply Royalties.


·        Link Music files to your Songs and Masters.  This is a cool feature that allows you to link your song files and even play them.


·        Data Migration tools to simplify the process and guarantee clean data.  We have successfully migrated (Imported) data into Simply Royalties from Excel Spread Sheets, Counter Point Data, File Maker Pro Data and others.


·        Knowledgeable support from experts that have work for Publishers.

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