Let’s make this simple

Simply Royalties has been designed with music publishers in mind. Simple isn’t our middle name… it’s actually our first name! and it embodies everything we do. Loaded with all the tools publishers need to be manage their catalogs, licenses, and royalties, we make it a breeze to administer your business. If you’re still managing your record keeping in Excel, it’s time to ditch that spreadsheet and let us help you optimize your business.

Flexible Platform

Mom always taught us to keep it simple. By providing both Desktop and Cloud-based packages, Simply Royalties provides diverse options to access your data. Your data is just that… Yours. We just make it simple to get it when and where you want it.

Desktop Application

Local Installation on your machine

Software Installed On-Site

Simply Royalties supports desktop installation at your site. Updates are released regularly to keep up with changing technology.

Cloud Solution

A fully cloud based application is in Simply Royalties future but until then we have a solution that allows you to access Simply Royalties from the cloud

Your data in the cloud

Virtual Private Server – Cloud Server with Desktop Application – Best of both worlds. Allows the flexibility and robust detail of the desktop application with the accessibility of the cloud.

Web portal – The Web portal will allow you and your client to access their basic Royalty Statement Information from their phone, Tablet or computer using a secure login. What does that mean? No more printing to send snail mail or generating PDF to email.  Once Royalty Statements have been generated and you have approved.  You will be able to notify your clients that statements are ready via email or text.

Feature Rich Tools

We know everyone’s book of business is different, that’s why our software is designed to meet your unique needs. Every install is customized to enable optimization of your catalog, royalty, and license management processes using Simply Royalties’ powerful suite of tools.

Simply track writers and publishers; obligations and contracts; songs, copyright details and payout information.

  • Build Song information quickly with our agreement module.
  • Register works in bulk with multiple societies and sub-publishers with a single file via the Common Works Registry (CWR) and other formats
  • Import Song catalogs via CWR and other formats
  • Handle complex rates and splits
  • View Writers & Publishers obligations and contracts at a glance.
  • Track songs, copyright details and payout information.
  • Link Master Information to Songs

Tracking performance royalties is integral, and no other system does it.  Simply Royalties provides effective license management that allows you to easily see all licenses using on one screen. Know who owes you money at a glance.

  • View ALL License information at a glance.
  • What’s due – Know who owes you money at your fingertips.
  • What’s missing – Simply Royalties performs multiple validations before a license can be closed, including: license issued, license returned, license paid, and performance royalties received.   License automatically populates from the royalty as well as tracking performance royalties.  Unpaid performance royalties on a synch or a mechanical license can alert you to PRO registration issues.
  • Connect your email for fast and easy follow-up.
  • Print Licenses to PDF using your License Templates.
  • Link fully executed PDF License agreements and other documents to the License.

Fully automates royalty process that allows you to import a 300,000+ line royalty statement from a licensee or sub-publisher and create an income statement in minutes.

  • Detailed royalty statement input allowing income detail and license information to appear on outgoing royalty statements.
  • Import royalty from many different licensees such as ASCAP, BMI, Harry Fox, Music Reports, SOCAN, sub-publishers, and more.  We have over 40+ canned imports and the ability to create your own.  Import and create and income statement from a 300,000-line Royalty Statement in minutes.
  • Change Splits and Payout rates on the fly for a specific Income Statements.
  • Ties into the license module to effectively track license obligations.
  • Pays out royalties to writers, publishers, etc.
  • Allows for exception processing based on license, song or licensee.
  • Close and Open royalty period as needed.  Allows you to do a trial run or fix mistakes.
  • Tracks recoupments of any type; expense, adjustment, or advance.
  • Micro-Pennies issues resolved and No rounding issues.

Migration to Simply Royalties is easy and seamless

Keep all your data and historical royalty information intact

Keeping your data is huge and migrating your historical royalty information can be risky, but we’ve got you covered.  You’re in good hands when migrating from your legacy music publishing application like Counter Point and Right Track Solutions. In most cases, your information remains completely intact and available on Simply Royalties.

Experience where it matters

We’ve been around the block a time or two. We’ve seen products come and go, yet here we are… killin’ it. Established in 2007, Simplified Systems, Inc. recognized the overwhelming need for quality music administration software to meet the industries needs and changing technologies. Our team’s specializes in small- to medium-sized music publishers, and our diverse background and decades of experience with royalty management software give you the advantage.

Our experience is not just our team members that work for Simplified Systems but the community of our clients who are willing to help each other out when needed.

We don’t want to just sell you software we want to be part of your team.

0 + Years
Combined Experience
in Royalties Distributed and Counting

We work with the best

Simply Royalties is a top-of-the-line copyright database and royalty processing software system.  Not only is it easy to use, but its reliability and flexibility set it apart from the rest. Whenever we need an add-on report or an upload engine, Mark is right there to design and build it for us. You can’t put a price on having peace of mind with a software system, and we know we are in great hands with Mark.

Peter, President, Bluewater Music Services Corp.

Having worked with Mark Alspaugh since 2012, there was no question we’d move to Simply Royalties when he started the company, and it has been a lifesaver! They were able to smoothly transition our existing system into the new program and their support has been outstanding.  They have been able to accommodate all of our needs as we have grown and as technology has developed.

Michelle, Owner, Shelly Bay Music, LLC

Your comprehensive solution

Simply Royalties provides an affordable comprehensive music-Industry software package designed to be powerful enough to handle large quantities of data and flexible enough to conform to many variables associated with music publishing, yet simple enough that even inexperienced users can be up and running quickly

Affordability comes standard

We make it simple to say “Yes”. With an industry-leading money back guarantee, you get a full suite of tools to make your life easier. Take advantage of Simply Royalties customizable modules to tackle any challenge.

Custom Options
Good ideas enhance our product. If your requests improve our software, we’ll do them at no charge.

Data Migration

Convert Counter Point, Right Track Solutions, Music Publishers, Excel files, and most others. Data migration is an additional cost.

No Hidden Costs

For one price you get all of our modules.  Customization of additional modules is available for additional costs

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in our software, that we offer an industry-leading 6 month Money Back Guaranty. Ask for details.

Payment Plans

We offer flexible payment plans, spread cost over 1 to 36 monthly payments with no surcharge or interest.

Packages start at $430 per month

We have several options to make sure your team is equipped with the tools to get the job done. Technical support is included for the first year. You don’t have to put us on payroll, but you’ll feel like we are part of your team.

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